Change happens constantly, and sometimes it's hard to adjust or to bring people along with you.

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Change is a constant, but it’s not often easy for any of us to change and especially more difficult when the change is being encouraged or forced upon us by others. One thing that is crucial to effective change is building trust.

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Our team, lead by Jennifer Pearson, shares decades of international experience in change management and community engagement. Learn more about how they can help your organisation navigate change.

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Our wide range of experience covers organisational change, community engagement, construction projects, stakeholder engagement and communications.

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Moving Forward in Arataki

Working with the Transport team and the Arataki community to improve transport choices within and through Arataki. A range of stakeholders including central and local government partners and groups in the community with a wide range of views of the best option. A community engagement plan was developed and key stakeholders identified. Regular communication with the wider community has been initiated. Education events for the community to learn about the transport options will be developed with hands on practical testing.

Waiāri Water Supply Scheme

This project is the biggest infrastructure project being undertaken by Tauranga City Council and will take three years to complete. It involves five different construction contracts and community in the neighbouring district of Western Bay of Plenty, requiring specialised community engagement support.

Zest Consulting lead this by building connections with tangata whenua, key community leaders and WBOPDC to ensure key community members received correct information and had the opportunity to feed into the project. Where possible we have included community in decision making, a key tool to engaging community.


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