What We Do

Zest Consulting is a boutique community engagement consultancy with a track record of working with a wide range of organisations.

Why Zest Consulting?

We have extensive experience with tangata whenua, local government, central government, small and large communities in the Bay of Plenty.

We can help you understand who needs to know what, at what time.  Crucial to understanding who your key audiences are, most affected by the change and/or most influential in the community.

What we can achieve

  • Understanding who you need to communicate with and who on your team needs to be involved
  • Key messages to communicate with these groups/people
  • Developing a Community Engagement Plan with your communications team (or we can provide communications assistance also)
  • Most effective tools for communicating with a range of groups/people
  • Understanding how effective community engagement can reduce overall project variations and obstacles, especially when started upfront
  • Working with others in your team to ensure workload for us is only what your team doesn’t have capacity or knowledge for, ensuring a cost effective service for you. We have considerable experience with infrastructure projects, helping you to engage with affected communities to ensure best project outcomes and no project delivery holdups.